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DKSH Series

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DKSH Series
What happens when you take one of the most popular slurry pumps in the world in the warman® AH, and make advancements to the improvement? You get the DKSH. This pump is the standard workhorse in industry/mining with changes and improvements to the bearing assembly and wet end design. This pump is what you get with over 70 years of slurry pump manufacturing experience!
DKSH Pump is also called a “High Efficiency Slurry Pump”. These pumps are fitted with thick wear-resistant parts and heavy frame, so they are suitable to pump the slurry of highly abrasive, high or low content and high head. During the max permissible working pressure range, these pumps can be operated in series. They also can transport corrosive slurries.
Abrasion resistant
Complete selection of elastomers
Natural Rubber

28% High Chrome
4" up to 42", 110,000 GPM, Head up to 255 Ft, 300 PSI
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