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D-SRL, D-SRL-C & Heavy Duty Slurry pumps

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Revolutionize Your Operations with Dynapro's Interchangeable Goulds SRL Pump! Say hello to efficiency and reliability with our cutting-edge interchangeable pump, crafted to seamlessly replace the renowned Goulds SRL model. Designed for excellence, the Dynapro Interchangeable Goulds SRL Pump is the epitome of performance and adaptability. Embrace uninterrupted productivity with a pump that flawlessly handles the toughest tasks. Whether it's managing corrosive slurries or tackling abrasive substances, this powerhouse pump boasts unparalleled versatility. Its robust construction and precision engineering ensure peak performance in diverse industrial applications. What sets our interchangeable pump apart is its ability to exceed expectations. Engineered with upgraded materials, it offers extended wear life and durability, surpassing the standards of its predecessor. Rest assured, its performance matches, if not exceeds, the reliability of the original Goulds SRL pump. Make the smart choice for your operations. Elevate your efficiency and reliability with the Dynapro Interchangeable Goulds SRL Pump. Experience the difference in performance, and witness your productivity soar to new heights.

Standard Features:

Rubber lined pumps are available in Natural / Neoprene / Hypalon / Urethane
Metal pumps are available in high chrome / 316 stainless steel / CD4MCu
Fully Hardened 420 stainless steel shaft sleeves
The metal pump design facilitates easy and quick impeller, wear plate and casing maintenance
Five (5) discharge flange positions to suit discharge pipe arrangements
Overhead V-belt drive motor arrangement
Stainless steel water seal bushing design to restrict entry of slurry into stuffing box
Stainless steel gland and includes Dynapro Premium Kevlar slurry packing
Direct replacement pump, all parts interchangeable with the OEM to Direct replacement pump, all parts interchangeable with the OEM including ITT Goulds and Allis Chalmers®
Dynapro offers 28% high chrome suction wear plates
Lip design on Gland and Suction liners better wet end sealing

Heavy Duty Application Features:

Metal SRL
All metal construction for high-pressure applications
Attaches to standard SRL pump frame
Innovative and simple 3 piece wet end construction for ease of maintenance and reduction of parts inventory
3-Piece design reduces maintenance time by 50%
Wear components available in a variety of materials
Thicker casing sections for even longer wear life
Impeller pump out vanes for improved stuffing box sealing
Detachable stuffing boxes available in a variety of material


Abrasion resistant
Complete selection of elastomers
Rubber Lined SRL:

Natural Rubber
Metal SRL:

28% High Chrome
316 Stainless Steel
Custom Materials available


2x2x10 to 16x14x34
Optional 3-piece design for ease of maintenance

Allis Chalmers®, Goulds, Denver
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