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W-Series DH, DXH, DG, DL

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Double Casing Structure, high efficiency, wear resistant, stable performance, interchangeability of parts; the lining and impeller can be made of high chrome or rubber, and the discharge outlet can be adjusted with rotation interval of 45 degrees, the pumps can be operated in series and driven with belt. 100% Interchangeable warman® AH, HH, G, and Type L pumps

Application: Delivery of slurry with strong abrasion high concentration for metallurgy, mines, coal and power plant, e.g. the pulp from the ore concentrate and tailing of nonferrous mines, with particle diameter greater than 0.1mm and Cv≥5%

Our foundry has been producing slurry pumps for 70 years, has its own R&D center and the most experience in quality assurance. Our 100% interchangeable parts are second to none in quality, and we've manufactured for other OEM's.



Mineral processing
Chemical Industry
Fuel Gas Desulphurization (FGD)
Coal washing

Product advantages:

- Long life of wear parts
- High efficiency and low energy consumption
- Convenient maintenance
- Low operating cost
- High reliability
- Can work in series

The frame plate for type DH pump are interchangeable, hard metal or pressure moulded elasomer liners.

The impellers are made of hard metal or pressure moulded elastomer liners.

The frame plate liner and impeller for DXH pumps, (high head), are hard metal only.

Type DG pumps are high-head as well. Construction of this pump is of single casing connected by means of clamp bands and wide wet-passage. The wet-parts are made of Ni- hard and high chromium abrasion-resistance alloys.

D-Life is a corrosion and abrasion resistant high chrome alloy option for impellers, volute liners, and throatbush. This material can provide up to 30% longer wear life than standard 28% high chrome.

1.5/1 up to 20/18, up to 22,000 GPM, 240ft Head, 300 PSI

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