These pumps are workhorses, managing everything from water, to corrosive/abrasive fluids with our specialty alloys. Whatever your application is, we have a split case that meets your needs, even low NPSH options. CALL US NOW Welcome to our
Horizontal Split Cases!
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EXPLORE CATALOG These pumps helped put us on the map in Mexico, when a customer needed an emergency custom split case in 5 weeks!
Horizontal Split Case pumps for mining and industrial applications

Reducing Energy & Wear Part Consumption

Leading 2021 manufacturers of the highest quality Horizontal Split Case Pumps with high efficiency and all materials for extended wear life. We have extensive installations in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and the Carribean over the last 32 years! These 3 models fit an extensive list of applications, whether it's water, corrosive, abrasive, we have you covered.

Horizontal Split Case Pumps | Dynapro Pumps

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