Often overlooked in most pumping system applications, these pumps are workhorses, keeping systems clean, delivering fluid to other locations, easy to maintain and dependable. CALL US NOW Welcome to Dynapro
Vertical Turbine Pumps!
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EXPLORE CATALOG What do new customers say everytime we deliver these? "Wow, I wasn't expecting quality that good!". It's one of the best moments and compliments we regularly receive. With 100% interchangeable bowl assemblies, our customers love the savings, especially on specialty stainless steel and custom materials. We look forward to hearing your Wow moment!
The LJC is founded using Gould's technology, with 100% Interchangeable bowl assemblies.

100% Interchangeable Gould's Vertical Turbine Pumps

Is that OEM? Well, if you take the Swoosh off a Nike shoe, it's not but it will perform just as well. We have successfuly installed these in mines throughout the world replacing the Gould's VIT or redisigning and optimizing the impellers and bowls to replace Flowserve® and Weir Floway vertical turbine pumps. The service and wear life results to date have been incredible!

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