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Welcome to Dynapro's Cutting-Edge D-CPS Solution! The D-CPS series is your gateway to next-level efficiency and reliability in water pumping. Engineered with precision and innovation, these custom pump systems redefine performance standards, offering tailored solutions to suit your specific industrial needs. At Dynapro, we understand that every operation is unique. That's why the D-CPS series is designed to be adaptable and customizable, ensuring a seamless fit for your requirements. From concept to execution, our team works closely with you to create bespoke pump systems that excel in handling challenging substances, whether it's clean water, up to 20% solids, or low PH liquid. What makes the D-CPS series stand out is its commitment to precision engineering and cutting-edge technology. Built with premium materials and innovative design, these custom pump systems guarantee extended durability and reliability, enhancing the overall efficiency of your operations. By choosing D-CPS, you're not just getting a pump system; you're investing in a tailored solution crafted to optimize your specific industrial processes. Experience the power of customized efficiency and reliability with Dynapro's D-CPS series, where innovation meets functionality to propel your operations forward." Feel free to add specific details or features that highlight the customization options and benefits of the D-CPS series!

Excellent hydraulic performance, high efficiency, good cavitation performance

● Power industry
● Papermaking industry
● Iron and steel industry
● The petrochemical industry
● Water industry
● Desalination of sea water

Materials of Pump:

Bronze, Cast Iron, Carbon Steels
Stainless Steels 304, 316, 316L, 420SS
Duplex stainless steel
Super Duplex

Performance range
Inlet Dia.: 150~1600mm
Outlet Dia.: 100~1400mm
Working Pressure: ≤2.5MPa
Temperature: -20℃~80 ℃


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