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Introducing the Power Trio: Dynapro's D-LH/D-MH/D-HH Pump Line! Prepare to elevate your pumping operations with Dynapro's exceptional D-LH, D-MH, and D-HH pump series. Designed to outperform and outlast, these pumps are the pinnacle of reliability and efficiency, serving as perfect interchangeable solutions for the renowned Godwin® and Pioneer® pumps. Versatility meets durability in these pumps, engineered to conquer the most demanding applications effortlessly. From handling water with slurry to managing high-head and high-flow conditions, these pumps are your unwavering allies, ensuring uninterrupted operations even in the most challenging environments. What truly distinguishes the D-LH/D-MH/D-HH series is its relentless pursuit of excellence. Crafted with top-tier materials and precision engineering, these pumps offer an extended wear life, setting new benchmarks in durability and reliability and surpassing industry standards. Selecting the D-LH/D-MH/D-HH series means choosing unmatched performance that mirrors, if not surpasses, Godwin® and Pioneer® pumps. Experience the synergy of cutting-edge technology and unparalleled reliability, empowering your operations to achieve new heights of productivity and efficiency. Make the strategic choice for optimal performance. Embrace the D-LH/D-MH/D-HH series by Dynapro and witness a transformation in your pumping solutions, where reliability meets peak performance.


Super Self-Priming Features: Instant-Prime pumps provide unmatched super prime speed and can prime as fast as 4 seconds *.
Priming-Rest-Priming Mechanism: Allows the priming system to switch between priming and resting automatically, without anyone present.
Environmentally Friendly Priming System: Zero lubrication, Zero Oil Spills, Zero Noise, Zero Energy consumption, Zero maintenance.
Dry Running Features: Extraordinary long mechanical seal life with dual oil reservoir protections and a specially designed air cushion protected mechanical seal.
Smart pumps powered by IIoT technology: All GSPS Instant-Prime pumps can be reprogrammed to connect with any mobile device, tablet or computer. Remotely controlled via WIFI, 4G, GPS, Radio or Network, allowing a pump-to-pump, person-to-pump or pump-to-person interface.
Ranging from 3 ”to 36” with flows from 50gpm to 58000gpm.

High Chrome, CD4MCu, Ductile Iron

3 ”to 36” with flows from 50gpm to 58000gpm


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