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Used in mining, construction, industrial, and utility dewatering, our pumps are designed for work! When comparing to other major brands, the Dynapro models offer significantly lower upfront and operational costs. The simple design makes maintenance easier and faster.


Super Self-Priming Features: Instant-Prime pumps provide unmatched super prime speed and can prime as fast as 4 seconds *.
Priming-Rest-Priming Mechanism: Allows the priming system to switch between priming and resting automatically, without anyone present.
Environmentally Friendly Priming System: Zero lubrication, Zero Oil Spills, Zero Noise, Zero Energy consumption, Zero maintenance.
Dry Running Features: Extraordinary long mechanical seal life with dual oil reservoir protections and a specially designed air cushion protected mechanical seal.
Smart pumps powered by IIoT technology: All GSPS Instant-Prime pumps can be reprogrammed to connect with any mobile device, tablet or computer. Remotely controlled via WIFI, 4G, GPS, Radio or Network, allowing a pump-to-pump, person-to-pump or pump-to-person interface.
Ranging from 3 ”to 36” with flows from 50gpm to 58000gpm.

High Chrome, CD4MCu, Ductile Iron

3 ”to 36” with flows from 50gpm to 58000gpm


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