Custom sealing systems are available when your current system isn't getting the job done. It's time for your business to know what real savings are! Explore catalogue CALL US NOW Looking for the best quality sealing? EXPLORE CATALOGUE Ensuring the highest quality, reliability, and reducing maintenance and consumption is the goal of our team. We have many interchangeable options and new selections as well to improve your sealing system.

Mechanical Seals & Flush Plan Manufacturer

100% Interchangeable with John Crane, Flowserve, Eagle Burgmann and more

We manufacture 100% interchangeable mechanical seals reaching the highest quality standards. Custom mechanical seals are available when your current sealing system isn't getting the job done. For over 30 years we have been working with pumping systems, selections, redesigning, and technical support. Our experience has helped us save our customers millions of dollars on sealing systems.

Pump & Valve Packing Manufacturer

100% Interchangeable with Chesterton®, John Crane, Garlock, and more

Our compression packing provide reliability to keep your pumping systems operating safely. They have been installed in mining applications around the world extending service life, reducing leakage, and reducing costs. In slurry pumping, our Kevlar Packing with Silicon core has proven superior to standard graphite packing, with reduced purchase price and cost of ownership compared with other manufacturers. We are focused heavily on reducing consumption. Here are some of the major brands we replace: Chesterton®, Garlock, John Crane, Sepco® and more.

Replace Expensive Mechanical Seals & Compression Packing

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