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DII & DIII pumps are recognized worldwide as one of the best ANSI chemical process pumps. Conforming to ANSI B73.1 standard and incorporating advanced design features, the rugged DIII standard pump provides unmatched performance and reliability. Precision investment cast reverse vane impeller offers low, predictable seal chamber pressure and repeatable pump performance. External micrometer impeller adjustment reduces maintenance time and cost, and restores pump efficiency. This series pumps can be produced in various type of material, such as ductile iron, cast steel, 316ss, CD4, A20, Hastalloy B & C, Titanium etc. The DIII family are built with only 3 different power frames, which creates flexiblability for assembly and spare parts stocking.


Incorporates advanced design features to provide unmatched performance and reliability for every application

Ductile Iron, 316 Stainless Steel, 316L Stainless Steel, CD4MCu, Alloy 20, Hastelloy, Titanium

• Flows to 4540 m3/h (20 000 US gpm)
• Heads to 215 m (700 ft)
• Pressures to 27 bar (400 psi)
• Temperatures from -73°C (-100°F) to 370°C (700°F)
• Discharge sizes from 25 mm (1 in) to 200 (8 in)

Flowserve® Durco

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