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Introducing the D196 - your gateway to enhanced performance and seamless compatibility! Crafted with precision engineering, the D196 stands tall as the ultimate solution, proudly offering 100% interchangeability with the esteemed Goulds 3196 pump. Unleash unparalleled efficiency and reliability with the D196, designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing systems. Its precision-engineered components ensure a perfect fit, guaranteeing a hassle-free transition without compromising on quality or performance. Experience a new level of confidence as the D196 empowers your operations with its robust build and exceptional performance metrics. Whether it's reliability, durability, or precision you seek, this pump delivers it all while seamlessly aligning with the excellence you expect from the Goulds 3196. Discover the power of versatility and performance enhancement today. Elevate your systems with the D196 - where innovation meets compatibility, setting new standards in the industry. Explore a world of possibilities with a pump that goes beyond expectations, engineered to exceed industry norms while effortlessly integrating into your infrastructure.

Back Pull-Out Design, External Impeller Adjustment, Interchangeability, Standard Mechanical Seal,

Ductile Iron, 316 Stainless Steel, 316L Stainless Steel, CD4MCu, Alloy 20, Hastelloy, Titanium

■ Capacities to 7000 GPM (1364 m3/h)

■ Heads to 730 feet (223 m)

■ Temperatures to 700°F (371° C)

■ Pressures to 375 PSIG (2586 kPa)


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