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The Dynapro DC is a medium duty, extremely versatile slurry pump specifically capable of handling abrasive and corrosive slurries. The DC’s versatility makes it highly useful in a wide variety of applications, pumping everything from water with suspended solids, to 50% (by weight) fracking sand mixtures.

- The DC’s wet end components are made from extra-thick metal, increasing the wear life of the pump.
- This pump comes with a suction cover liner, which additionally improves the wear life of the pump’s components as it absorbs all wear from the suction side of the pump.
- To ensure positive alignment, the DC’s components are fully machined.
- The bearing frame is a rugged, single-piece component with an integrated drip basin. The entire DC line uses just 5 different frame sizes, maximizing the interchangeability of parts. Lubrication can be grease or oil.
- Adjustable jacking screws enable the impeller to be adjusted externally without disassembling the pump.
- The shaft is protected from pumpage by a hook-type sleeve.
- The shaft assembly is engineered to minimize deflection at maximum loading conditions.


Abrasion resistant
28% High Chrome
316 Stainless Steel
Custom Materials available

1" to 12", Up to 2600 m3/h, Head up to 132M

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